looking for collaborators for a vernicle map

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On the occasion of the Year of Faith, I’d like to upload on Googlemap as many images of the Roman Veronica as possible (Veronica, Holy Face, Shroud, Vernicle, are the names used for the main Roman relic: the cloth with Jesus’ face impressed, destination of Medieval pilgrimages). In a sense, the project is to complete Karl Pearson’s work published in Die Fronica in 1887.

Since this map needs a big number of friends, I’m inviting everybody to help me.

You can start by visiting a museum of antiquities, then churches and sacristies, aedicules, Ways of the Cross; you may also follow the routes of the Via Francigena.

For example, in the jigsaw here above there is: a Holy Face from Bolzano, a Holy Vernicle frescoed in a church in Piemonte and a Holy Vernicle frescoed in a public building, a painting for private devotion, a way to Calvary, a lamentation of Christ in Saxony, a Holy Vernicle in Finistère Brittany, a Holy Vernicle of the Duomo in Milan and an aedicule in Florence…

You just need a photo and a caption to place a landmark.

These links are to the two maps in the pipeline:

VeronicaMap  is the collection of works of art.  Each icon is a link to a page on the Veronicaroute site.

BooksMap  instead gathers the Vernicles represented in missals and books of prayers. This map is linked to a reference site, too: VeronicaBooks .

God willing, the two maps will be introduced in summer 2013 at the Rimini Meeting as part of the exhibition about Jesus’ Face.

Here is my address:

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Feast of the Holy Face

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«The first book will be Clio, while the second Véronique.

It is wonderful, my dear friend: Clio (that is to say history) spends her time in search of imprints, vain imprints, and an insignificant Jew, a little girl, little Veronica takes out her handkerchief and on Jesus’ face she takes an eternal imprint. This is what routs everything.

She turned up at the right moment. Clio is always late».

Péguy to his friend Joseph Lotte, September 28th, 1912.

«I have given my heart as the sensible object of my great love to men and I give My Face as the sensible object of my sorrow for all the sins of men. I wish it was venerated by a special feast on Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday.»

Blessed Pierina De Micheli

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