Waiting for New Year’s Day

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«We know in our Faith that God alone took our nature, and none but He; and furthermore that Christ alone did all the works that belong to our salvation, and none but He; and right so He alone doeth now the last end: that is to say, He dwelleth here with us, and ruleth us and governeth us in this living, and bringeth us to His bliss.

And this shall He do as long as any soul is in earth that shall come to heaven,—and so far forth that if there were no such soul but one, He should be withal alone till He had brought him up to His bliss.

He is here alone with us all: that is to say, only for us He is here. And what time I am strange to Him by sin, despair or sloth, then I let my Lord stand alone, in as much as it is in me.

And thus it fareth with us all which be sinners. But though it be so that we do thus oftentimes, His Goodness suffereth us never to be alone, but lastingly He is with us, and tenderly He excuseth us, and ever shieldeth us from blame in His sight

Julian of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love, chapter 80

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A Good Daddy

Posted in patience by martalorenza on May 29, 2011

Now that Robin and the tits have left, it is only Black who is still here to come to my snackpoint. To avoid the invasion of pigeons and ants, food is provided only on request, but lately Black’s visits have become very frequent and excited and I’ve understood he has some nest to look after.

In the movie you can see Black’s technique and patience to arrange the pine kernels in his beak. At the end his “little duck” appears, too: he is pretty ugly…

Link to A Good Daddy

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