welcome little white shepherd

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May the Good Shepherd comfort you the way you were able to console your flock.

It was not easy for me who had lost, just before John Paul II, father Gius, the friend of my life. And you conquered me with a few words, the answer to Peter Seewald’s question: «How many ways exist to reach God? », «As many as men are».*

It is a word which opens the door to a reality which is good and made for me; and it reveals a lot of the one who says it: rather than the expression of an administrator, it is the expression of the friend of the bridegroom, the witness amazed by the Bridegroom’s magnanimity

May Jesus stop our earth, bless the dead and comfort their families.

*J.Ratzinger, Il sale della terra Un colloquio con Peter Seewald, San Paolo, 2005.


birdgarden diary

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Hurray for October that brings safe and sound robin redbreasts back to town!

Today a different bird song called me to come out of my den and there, in the big green oleander bush, I saw Robin’s bright red breast. He looked thinner and his voice was a little hoarse, but what a wonderful moment it was!

Unfortunately he didn’t stop here, and the titmice who came back last Sunday didn’t stop either. We are renovating the house, and what with the scaffolding, a group of decorators hanging from the gratings, and the contractors on the roof, any little bird would be put off from staying here, sigh! I hope they’ll all come back once the workers have left.

Just to give the complete picture, the family of blue tits never left, instead they used to have a bath every day to get a little refreshment. Black the blackbird, either because of the decorators or because he lost a fight with the pigeons, has left my porch, and I can only hear him singing. But today I caught a glimpse of him in the yew tree, while he was observing Robin.

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farewell, little Robin

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It was a really silent dawn this morning, without Robin, my robin readbreast friend (he came back to my garden on November 4th and sang every morning for almost 5 months, how wonderful!).

For the last two days he’d been singing at full volume, but didn’t come over to ask for pine nuts. Since February he sang all day long, at the beginning softly, his beak closed, from the oleander, then out loud from the beech tree. I missed you this morning, Robin, my little friend!

Jesus said God takes care of sparrows, which are sold for a penny, I really hope He will keep your journey towards the mountains safe from nets and eagles (where are you going? Dad says to a real wood to eat pine nuts from pine cones at last, rather than from plastic bags).

May you always find little spiders and fat worms when you hop among the bushes.

Today as I missed you and was thinking of you, not only did I give pine nuts to Black and peanuts to the tits, but also some bread to the pigeons. They couldn’t believe it! They worship me already!

Soon the oleander will bloom to make me forget how much better it is when colors can also fly and look out for me! But this sad silence makes it clearer how wrong this attack in Libya is. May the Lord have mercy on us and forgive us all.

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to Virgin Mary

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God can certainly create a Firmament richer in stars, a more sublime Olympus, an even huger Ocean, a more verdant Earth, but He can’t create a more excellent Mother than Virgin Mary.

In Her all the value possible in pure Creatures has been given, keeping them pure Creatures.

Paolo Segneri, Devoted to Mary

The supreme drama is that Being should ask to be acknowledged by man. The fundamental principle of Christianity is freedom, which is the only translation of man’s infiniteness, and this infiniteness is discovered in the finiteness that man experiences. Man’s freedom is man’s salvation. Salvation, therefore, is the Mystery of God communicating himself to man. Our Lady totally respected God’s freedom. She saved God’s freedom. She obeyed God because she respected His freedom. She did not oppose it with her own method. Here is God’s first revelation.

Luigi Giussani,Letterto the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, June 22, 2003

Following the thought of some theologians, such as Segneri, Newman says that God could have created a world better than the one we have, but He could have not created a Mother greater than Mary.

John H. Newman, Development of Christian Doctrine

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the storm is over

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Sob, no pine kernels at all!

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