welcome little white shepherd

Posted in Giussani, Jesus, Karol Wojtyla, Milan by martalorenza on May 29, 2012

May the Good Shepherd comfort you the way you were able to console your flock.

It was not easy for me who had lost, just before John Paul II, father Gius, the friend of my life. And you conquered me with a few words, the answer to Peter Seewald’s question: «How many ways exist to reach God? », «As many as men are».*

It is a word which opens the door to a reality which is good and made for me; and it reveals a lot of the one who says it: rather than the expression of an administrator, it is the expression of the friend of the bridegroom, the witness amazed by the Bridegroom’s magnanimity

May Jesus stop our earth, bless the dead and comfort their families.

*J.Ratzinger, Il sale della terra Un colloquio con Peter Seewald, San Paolo, 2005.