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Posted in birds, Blackbird, Milan by martalorenza on October 13, 2011

Hurray for October that brings safe and sound robin redbreasts back to town!

Today a different bird song called me to come out of my den and there, in the big green oleander bush, I saw Robin’s bright red breast. He looked thinner and his voice was a little hoarse, but what a wonderful moment it was!

Unfortunately he didn’t stop here, and the titmice who came back last Sunday didn’t stop either. We are renovating the house, and what with the scaffolding, a group of decorators hanging from the gratings, and the contractors on the roof, any little bird would be put off from staying here, sigh! I hope they’ll all come back once the workers have left.

Just to give the complete picture, the family of blue tits never left, instead they used to have a bath every day to get a little refreshment. Black the blackbird, either because of the decorators or because he lost a fight with the pigeons, has left my porch, and I can only hear him singing. But today I caught a glimpse of him in the yew tree, while he was observing Robin.

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