2. even Leonardo was paid too little!!

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It vexes me greatly that having to learn my living has forced me to interrupt the work […]

And if your Lordship thought that I had money, your Lordship was deceived. I had to feed 6 men for 56 months, and have had 50 ducats.

Leonardo to Ludovico il Moro, Atlantic Codex, [f 8671]


Assai mi rincresce che l’avere a guadagnare el vitto m’abbia a interrompere il seguitare l’opera […]

E se Vostra Signoria si credessi ch’io avessi dinari, quella s’ingannerebbe, perchè ho tenuto sei bocche trentasei mesi, e ho aùto 50 ducati.

Leonardo a Ludovico il Moro, Codice Atlantico, f. 867 r

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