The Rediscovered Face

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Thanks to Carmina and Chiara the Keynote about the Holy Face of Manoppello is online in Spanish, too




« En effet quelque chose a dû être découvert à Edesse au VIe siècle, quelque chose que l’on a porté triomphalement à Constantinople en 944. Quelque chose qui a précisé jusque dans les détails la représentation du Christ.

Un suaire peut-être dont on ne peut dire quel est précisément son lien avec le Suaire de Turin, tellement étudié aujourd’hui.»

Olivier Clément

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Feast of the Holy Face

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«The first book will be Clio, while the second Véronique.

It is wonderful, my dear friend: Clio (that is to say history) spends her time in search of imprints, vain imprints, and an insignificant Jew, a little girl, little Veronica takes out her handkerchief and on Jesus’ face she takes an eternal imprint. This is what routs everything.

She turned up at the right moment. Clio is always late».

Péguy to his friend Joseph Lotte, September 28th, 1912.

«I have given my heart as the sensible object of my great love to men and I give My Face as the sensible object of my sorrow for all the sins of men. I wish it was venerated by a special feast on Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday.»

Blessed Pierina De Micheli

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The Veil of Veronica

Suddenly a man sees Jesus, the Mystery, who leaves and doesn’t turn back…and so, he decides to follow him: off he goes, then he comes back to the valley, among people who are milking, eating, dozing…

Luigi Giussani  Is it (really?!) possible to live this way?

Link to Holy Face of Manoppello: Italian English My photos

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