Merry Christmas

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«What is important is Jesus.

And Jesus is neither the Creator nor a creature: He is both!

He is also a creature and nevertheless He remains the essence of all thing, because He is God, He is the essence of trees, flowers, the Heavens, mountains, lakes.»

Luigi Giussani

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welcome little white shepherd

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May the Good Shepherd comfort you the way you were able to console your flock.

It was not easy for me who had lost, just before John Paul II, father Gius, the friend of my life. And you conquered me with a few words, the answer to Peter Seewald’s question: «How many ways exist to reach God? », «As many as men are».*

It is a word which opens the door to a reality which is good and made for me; and it reveals a lot of the one who says it: rather than the expression of an administrator, it is the expression of the friend of the bridegroom, the witness amazed by the Bridegroom’s magnanimity

May Jesus stop our earth, bless the dead and comfort their families.

*J.Ratzinger, Il sale della terra Un colloquio con Peter Seewald, San Paolo, 2005.

Happy Birthday, Our Lady

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The work of the Spirit, Creator of the universe, is the Virgin Mary. I don’t say that out of pious devotion, but because it is objectively true. The Spirit becomes an experience as Charity in Our Lady. I’d like to write an article about Our Lady, anything she touches becomes human and at the same time she brings it into the Mystery.

The fact that Mary is the first sign of God’s presence is shocking. But only those who understand this can be truly interested in the divine. To discover how God became incarnate in our Blessed Virgin makes everything become part of this discovery: the front page of the newspaper, the number of the hairs of the head of the person you love.

Luigi Giussani

30Days 9/2002 –Mystery is Charity, interview with don Giussani by Renato Farina,from Libero, 22 August 2002.

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to Virgin Mary

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God can certainly create a Firmament richer in stars, a more sublime Olympus, an even huger Ocean, a more verdant Earth, but He can’t create a more excellent Mother than Virgin Mary.

In Her all the value possible in pure Creatures has been given, keeping them pure Creatures.

Paolo Segneri, Devoted to Mary

The supreme drama is that Being should ask to be acknowledged by man. The fundamental principle of Christianity is freedom, which is the only translation of man’s infiniteness, and this infiniteness is discovered in the finiteness that man experiences. Man’s freedom is man’s salvation. Salvation, therefore, is the Mystery of God communicating himself to man. Our Lady totally respected God’s freedom. She saved God’s freedom. She obeyed God because she respected His freedom. She did not oppose it with her own method. Here is God’s first revelation.

Luigi Giussani,Letterto the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, June 22, 2003

Following the thought of some theologians, such as Segneri, Newman says that God could have created a world better than the one we have, but He could have not created a Mother greater than Mary.

John H. Newman, Development of Christian Doctrine

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Poet 1

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The content of experience is reality.

 A man is in love with a girl:

that is a fact,

it is a phenomenon.

The poet is wandering, his hands in his pockets,

and runs into that fact.

 This fact enters his eyes horizon,

that is to say it becomes part of the sphere of his knowledge.

This is the beginning of the phenomenon, but it is not all.

 Luigi Giussani, Is it (really?!) possible to live this way?

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