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The content of experience is reality.

 A man is in love with a girl:

that is a fact,

it is a phenomenon.

The poet is wandering, his hands in his pockets,

and runs into that fact.

 This fact enters his eyes horizon,

that is to say it becomes part of the sphere of his knowledge.

This is the beginning of the phenomenon, but it is not all.

 Luigi Giussani, Is it (really?!) possible to live this way?

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Everything that exists reflects itself into the apparently small pond, which is at the same time so intensely bright that it tends to be infinite, of our present consciousness.

Luigi Giussani, Is it (really?!) possible to live this way?

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to the reasons of one’s ideal

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The violent anti-church controversy, which has continued through the centuries of the modern age, has always halted and silently paid reverence to the memory of the person of Jesus, perceiving that to offend him would be an offence to oneself, to the reasons of one’s ideal, to the heart of one’s heart.

Benedetto Croce, Why We Can’t Say We Are Not Christian, 1943

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they say about him…

Posted in '900, Jesus by martalorenza on July 13, 2010

I’ve run into Jesus for a couple of months. So, I’ve decided to put together a series of texts about Him. They may be useful to someone…Since people have been speaking about Diego Fabbri in the last few days, I’ll begin with an extract from his The Trail of Jesus, which struck me when I was young.


“The reasons … of the heart … Yes, there is one reason … intimate, completely mine…

People like me, if they were not certain … that Jesus came into the world to understand and forgive and save us, too…would be desperate!

There is nothing more to do. The moment always comes in our life when He is the only one left to defend us, to be on our side, exactly when we don’t have any defences left and life, all of life, despises us.

How could we keep on living hoping in people’s goodness, if Jesus himself is condemned? I don’t want you to condemn him, not even for fun, here tonight, do not even try. 

Diego Fabbri,  The Trial of Jesus, Milan 1955

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