The mantle of Holy Mary

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To celebrate Immaculate Virgin Mary here is a tale Father Pio used to tell.

unoOne day Jesus realized that someone in Heaven didn’t have what it takes. He headed for St. Peter to warn him, but Peter replied he used to be very careful about it and so, what He said sounded impossible to him. «Alright, but be more careful, anyway», Jesus told him.

duePeter paid more attention, but he thought that everything was working well.

Poco dopo Gesù tornò a lamentarsi: «Pietro, ho visto ancora gente un po’ strana... questo non mi piace, non riesci a fare più attenzione?»

After a while, Jesus went back to complain again: «Peter, I’ve seen further odd people around… How can they pass under your nose?»

Il povero san Pietro introdusse controlli più severi e venne così a scoprire che l’unica persona che entrava ed usciva liberamente era la Madonna. Si guardò bene dal fare domande alla Madre del Signore, ma, tenendola d’occhio, notò che all’uscita il suo bel manto scendeva lineare fino ai piedi…

Poor St. Peter introduced stricter control and so, he discovered that the only person who used to get in and out freely was Holy Mary. He wouldn’t dream of asking questions to our Lord’s Mother, but keeping an eye on her, he noticed that when she left Heaven, her beautiful mantle hung down straight till Her feet…

… mentre al rientro si gonfiava come una vela al vento. Decise comunque di non dir nulla e continuò a controllare gli Angeli custodi e i Santi Patroni.

…while when She got in, it looked swollen, like a sail in the wind. He decided not to say anything, and kept controlling the Archangels and the Patron Saints. But when Jesus had told him off the third time: «Peter, you risk being taken away Heaven keys», Peter decided to show Him his doubts: «Master, I’ve come up with an idea about who lets those people in, but I’m afraid we won’t be able to do anything: either I or Yourself». «Really? – answered Jesus. How is it possible?» «First of all – explained St. Peter – I’ve discovered that your mother has a spare set of my keys, so that she goes out and in whenever she likes it.» «And I have also noticed that when she gets in, her mantle looks swollen: in my opinion, it is at that moment that she lets in whoever she wants, hiding them». As St. Peter had thought, smiling Jesus could only say: «Peter, if it is so, let’s let things be the way they are».


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